CCB/IPAM Mathematics in Brain Imaging (MBI) Workshop – July 14-25, 2008

Mon, Jul 14, 2008

Organizing Committee

Michael Miller (Johns Hopkins University, Center for Imaging Science)
Thomas Nichols (University of Oxford, GlaxoSmithKline Clinical Imaging Centre )
Russell Poldrack (University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Psychology)
Jonathan Taylor (Stanford University, Statistics)
Paul Thompson (University of Southern California (USC), Laboratory of NeuroImaging)
Keith Worsley (University of Chicago, Department of Mathematics and Statistics)

Scientific Overview

This two-week intensive workshop will focus on mathematical techniques applied to brain images to measure, map and model brain structure and function. Topics will range from modeling anatomical structures in MRI scans, and mapping connectivity in diffusion tensor images, to statistical analysis of functional brain images from fMRI and other imaging modalities. Current applications in radiology and neuroscience will be highlighted, as will new directions in the mathematics of structural and functional image analysis. In the second week on Functional Brain Mapping, a series of lectures on diffusion tensor imaging will discuss mathematics and tools for registration, segmentation, fiber tracking and connectivity modeling in tensor and “beyond-tensor” (high-angular resolution) diffusion images, using metrics on Riemannian manifolds. Software implementing a wide range of algorithms will be demonstrated; tutorial notes will be provided. Talks will interest newcomers as well as experts in the field. Morning lectures on the principles behind the methods; afternoon lectures will go in-depth into applications.

Program Schedule

Week 1: Computational Anatomy, July 14 –18, 2008
Week 2: Functional Brain Mapping, July 21 –25, 2008


Week 1:
John Ashburner (University of London)
Nicholas Ayache (INRIA)
Faisal Beg (Simon Fraser University)
Louis Collins (McGill University)
Christos Davatzikos (University of Pennsylvania)
Bruce Fischl (Harvard Medical School)
James Gee (University of Pennsylvania)
Guido Gerig (University of Utah)
Monica Hurdal (Florida State University)
Sarang Joshi (University of Utah)
Christophe Lenglet (Siemens Research Corporation)
Natasha Lepore (UCLA)
Michael Miller (Johns Hopkins University)
Lauren O’Donnell (MIT)
Xavier Pennec (INRIA)
Steve Pieper (Harvard University)
Anqi Qiu (Johns Hopkins University)
Guillermo Sapiro (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
Steve Smith (University of Oxford)
Allen Tannenbaum (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Paul Thompson (USC)
David van Essen (Washington University in St.Louis – School of Medicine)
Baba Vemuri (University of Florida)
Lei Wang (Washington University in St. Louis)
Carl-Fredrik Westin (Harvard University)
Laurent Younes (Johns Hopkins University)

Week 2:
DuBois Bowman (Emory University School of Public Health)
Edward Bullmore (University of Cambridge)
Vince Calhoun (University of New Mexico)
Ola Friman (MeVis Research GmbH, Center for Medical Image Computing)
Christopher Genovese (Carnegie-Mellon University)
Gary Glover (Stanford University)
Isabelle Guyon (UC Berkeley)
Lars Kai Hansen (Technical University of Denmark)
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte (National Institute of Mental Health)
Stephen LaConte (Biomedical Imaging Technology Center (BITC)
Angie Laird (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio)
Martin Lindquist (Columbia University)
Thomas Liu (UCSD)
Thomas Nichols (University of Oxford)
Judea Pearl (UCLA)
Russell Poldrack (UCLA)
J.B. Poline (CEA)
Steve Smith (University of Oxford)
Stephen Strother (University of Toronto)
Jonathan Taylor (Stanford University)
Tor Wager (Columbia University)
Keith Worsley (McGill University)


Because we are approaching the maximum room capacity, registration for this program will be handled by email request from now on. Please send all inquiries to Please indicate the week(s) you wish to attend. We will close registration when maximum room capacity is reached.

We are no longer accepting applications for funding.

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