CCB Meetings

Wed, Aug 20, 2008

Date Title Time Contact More
Ongoing CCB Principals Meeting Flexible (Fridays 12-1 PM) Ivo Dinov CCBPrincipalsMeetings
Nov. 06, 2008 CCB SAB DIVE Ivo Dinov 2008 CCB SAB
August 13–14, 2008 2008 NCBC All-Hands Meeting 2 Days Ivo Dinov 2008 NCBC All-Hands Meeting
July 19, 2008 IPAM/CCB Mathematics of Brain Imaging (MBI) Workshop IPAM/CCB Paul Thompson 2008 IPAM/CCB MBI Workshop
July 07–11, 2008 CCB/SIAM Imaging Science Meeting SIAM/San Diego Luminiva Vese & Ivo Dinov 2008 CCB/SIAM Meeting
March 13, 2008 CCB Semiannual SW Demos Location: DIVE Ivo Dinov Semiannual CCB SW Demos
Thu, 11/29/2007 CCB AHM /SW Demos Location: NRB Auditorium Ivo Dinov CCB All-Hands Meeting & SW Demos
Thu, 05/08/07 CCB SAB DIVE Ivo Dinov 2007 CCB SAB
2007 CCB 2007 Events varying Ivo Dinov CCB Major 2007 Events
Feb 06, 2007 Kansas University ADNI group visit All Day Ivo Dinov Kansas University ADNI Group Visit
TBD Week of 10/09–13/2006 Pipeline/SCIRun TCon Location: TCon/T-Room Ivo Dinov Pipeline/SCIRun
Thu, 08/10/06 CCB Education/Workshop Web Needs T-Room Ivo Dinov CCB Edu Planning Meeting
Ongoing CCB/LONI Data Processing Protocols meetings Varies Ivo Dinov CCB/LONI Data Processing Protocols meetings
Ongoing CCB Shape Paper Meeting Flexible Ivo Dinov CCB/LONI Biological Shape, Form and Size Paper
Ongoing CCB SIG Meetings Various CCB Special Interest Group Chairs CCB SIGs
Ongoing CCB Web Calendar Various CCB Web Calendar Manager (Grace Liang) CCB Calendar
Ongoing CCB Presents Series Various Ivo Dinov CCB Presents Talks
Winter Quarter 2006 CCB Course Computaitonal Brain Mapping and Neuroimaging 10:00–11:15 AM, UCLA/BMC #221 Ivo Dinov NS 272
Fri, 09/08/06 LONI Open House Location: NRB Grace Liang LONI Open House
Thu–Fri, 07/13–14/2006 CCB AHM / LONI Retreat Location: Calamigos Ranch, 327 S. Latigo Canyon Road, Malibu, CA 90265, Ivo Dinov CCB All-Hands Meeting
Tue, 06/27/06 NYLF Visit to CCB/LONI 10:00–12:00 Noon Ivo Dinov NYLF visit to CCB/LONI
Thu–Fri, 06/22-23/06 CCB SW Tool Demos 2–4 PM, DIVE Ivo Dinov CCB SW Tool Demos
Thu, 05/25/06 CCB SAB Location: DIVE Ivo Dinov CCB SAB
05/15–17/06, Minneapolis, MN, USA CCB-SIAM Symposium on Imaging and Volumetric Brain Segmentaiton All Day 05/16/06 Ivo Dinov CCB-SIAM Symposium on Imaging
03/24–25/06 NCBC Ontology Workshop All day Ivo Dinov NCBC Ontology Workshop
03/07/05 Zhuang H and Valentino DJ “Intracranial segmentation of MR Images: challenges and methods,” presented at the meeting of the CCB Special Interest Group on Segmentation (CCB SIG-SEG) 10:00 AM Dr. Daniel J. Valentino Complete Presentation (PDF, 18MB)
02/24/05 Software Demonstrations Ivo Dinov Agenda and Notes
02/17/05 Virtual Aneurysm 2005 Workshop Dr. Daniel J. Valentino Aneurysm Project
02/09/05 Technology Infrastructure Committee TBD Dr. Daniel J. Valentino
01/27/05 CCB SIG-SEG meeting Agenda Ivo Dinov Agenda (PDF)
11/06/04 CCB Kickoff All-Hands Meeting Ivo Dinov Agenda and Notes