Minutes of the 2008 CCB Science Advisory Board Meeting – November 06, 2008

Thu, Nov 6, 2008

Topic Presenter
Welcome & Meeting Outline Arthur Toga, Stott Parker, PIs
Introduction of CCB SAB Members & Key Investigators Arthur Toga
CCB Overview, Highlights & Progress Arthur Toga
Highlights of CCB Biological Projects
HIV/AIDS effects on the Brain Paul Thompson
Vervet Monkey Brain Roger Woods
Gender Differences in the Brain Eileen Luders
CCB Basic Science Emerging Mathematical and Statistical Approaches
Image Segmentation & Data Classification Zhuowen Tu
Active United Shapes Demetri Terzopoulos
Integrated Multimodal Image Computing John D. Van Horn
Natural Language Processing Stott Parker
Open Discussion – Challenges and Approaches
Lunch/SAB Executive Session
CCB Demos – New Computational Tools
LONI Pipeline Cornelius Hojatkashani & Zhizhong Liu
Intelligence and Meta-Algorithms Stott Parker
iTools Ivo Dinov
Tools for Shape Representation & Analysis Yonggang Shi
Visualization David Shattuck
Emerging Tools – Demos
Novel Diffusion Imaging Tools Nathan Hageman
Active DTI Atlas Ilya Eckstein
HARDI/DTI Tools Vishal Patel
Auto-Context Modeling and Analysis Jon Morra
Discussion – Integrated Tools for Computational Biology
Discussion – CCB Continuation (2010–2014)
Discussion – Closing Remarks

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