CCB Shape Analysis Training Workshop (ISBI 2009)

Mon, Jun 8, 2009

June 28, 2009, 1:30-6:00 PM, Boston Park Plaza Hotel

Statistical shape analysis is an important tool for understanding biological and anatomical structures from image data. The study of biological shape can give us insights into disease processes as well as normal growth and development. The theory of shape has a rich mathematical underpinning, including the theory of shape manifolds and diffeomorphic transformations. This tutorial will be aimed at researchers in shape analysis methodology as well as clinical researchers interested in applying these methods in applications.

Statistical Shape Analysis: Theory, Software, and Applications
This tutorial will cover the following topics:

  • Shape Theory
    • Mathematics of shape spaces
    • Statistics in nonlinear shape spaces
    • Shape from image warping
    • Testing hypotheses about shape
  • Shape Analysis Software: Current tools, publicly avaliable as part of the NAMIC and CCB projects, will be presented.
  • Clinical Applications: Applications to various clinical studies will be presented, including autism, Alzheimer’s disease, healthy aging studies, and more.


  • Yonggang Shi: Overview of the CCB Shape Analysis Tutorial
  • Jon Morra: Pipeline demo of Auto-Context Hippo volume parsing on 800 ADNI datasets
  • Vishal Patel: HARDI and DTI Shape Modeling, Representation and Analysis
  • Shantanu Joshi: Tools for Shape Representation Analysis
  • Yonggang Shi: Direct 3D Shape Mapping and Shape Characterization

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Sunday, 06/28/09, 1:30PM – 6:00PM

Boston Park Plaza Hotel
50 Park Plaza at Arlington Street
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 426-2000


This workshop is funded by the National Institutes of Health through the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research, Grant U54 RR021813 and P41 RR013642.