About the NCBC

The establishment of the NIH NCBC was called for in the Biomedical Information Science and Technology Initiative report in 1999. The NIH NCBC is devoted to all facets of biomedical computing, from basic research in computational science to providing the tools and resources that biomedical and behavioral researchers need to do their work. In addition to carrying out fundamental research, the NIH NCBC offers numerous efforts in education and training to provide for the next generation of researchers.

About the NCBC Program

To build the computational infrastructure for biomedical computing in the nation, the National Program uses a combination of NIH funding mechanisms that are supported by multiple NIH Institutes and Centers. The central constituent of the NPBEC, the NIH NCBC, is the focus of this RFA. The NIH NCBC provides tools and resources that biomedical and behavioral researchers can use at a variety of levels.

The NIH NCBCs partnerships bring together three types of scientists:

  1. computational scientists, who invent and develop efficient and powerful languages, data structures, software architectures, hardware, and algorithms for solving biomedically significant computing problems;
  2. biomedical computational scientists, who adapt and deploy resources from computational science to solve significant biomedical problems; and
  3. experimental and clinical biomedical and behavioral researchers, who generate data that can be transformed into knowledge by computational simulation, analysis, modeling, data mining, and visualization.

For more information about the NCBC Program visit the National Centers for Biomedical Computing homepage.

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