Stephen Wolfram, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO, Wolfram Research, Inc.

Stephen WolframDr. Stephen Wolfram is a well-known scientist, author, and business leader whose work has been characterized by a sequence of original and significant achievements. He is the creator of Mathematica, the author of A New Kind of Science, and the founder and CEO of Wolfram Research.

An inaugural MacArthur Prize Fellowship recipient, Wolfram has long been a pioneering figure in physics and computing. His early scientific work, mainly in high-energy physics, quantum field theory, and cosmology, includes several now-classic results, produced during his tenures at Caltech and Princeton. He has also served as Professor of Physics, Mathematics, and Computer Science at the University of Illinois. With the development of SMP–the first modern computer algebra system–Wolfram rapidly became a leader in scientific computing as well, going on to create Mathematica–the world’s most powerful global computing environment.

Among his first key ideas was to use computer experiments to study the behavior of simple computer programs known as cellular automata. Starting in 1982, this allowed him to make a series of startling discoveries about the origins of complexity, which laid the groundwork for his widely acclaimed, bestselling book A New Kind of Science. Its publication has been seen as initiating a paradigm shift of historic importance in science, with new implications emerging every year.

He has been president and CEO of Wolfram Research since its founding in 1987, and continues to be personally responsible for overseeing all aspects of the core Mathematica system. In addition to providing software for a generation of scientists and students, Wolfram’s company also maintains some of the web’s most visited sites for technical information.

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