CCB provides its members and collaborators with a number of resources ranging from network and computing services to online applications, software, and data.

CCB has implemented a well-organized and highly collaborative approach for performing and managing the analysis of neuroimaging studies. These approaches have been extended to include imaging and non-imaging biological data. We focus on the information infrastructure required to support computational biology studies between cross-disciplinary groups at multiple institutions. More

CCB investigators publish extensively and continuously the Center’s mathematical models, computational tools and neuroscientific findings. To explore or search the CCB publications click here. You can also find all CCB publications on PubMed and GoogleScholar.

Network Services & Security

CCB uses proven approaches and existing network monitoring tools to monitor network uptime, as well as traffic and performance bottlenecks. More


CCB provides “middleware” applications and software required to provide secure, web-based access to the underlying computational and network resources. More


The CCB Concurrent Versioning System (CVS) is an open source version control and collaboration system available to CCB members. More


CCB web-based interface enables an executing Pipeline to store intermediate results and other acquired data into the data repository (the LONI Library). More


CCB has a number of test datasets, anatomical models, and surface objects for use by CCB members. More

Web Services

CCB Web Services consist of algorithms and web-apps that can perform remotely, communicate using web protocols, are built on top of existing XML standards, and allow interactions of incompatible applications. More