CCB Data

CCB has a number of test datasets, anatomical models, and surface objects for use by CCB members.j

  • CCB Software / Data License
    CCB internal software and data sharing policy.ccb_brainparser_shapemodels
  • LONI Probabilistic Brain Atlas (LPBA40)
    The LPBA40 is a series of maps of brain anatomic regions. These maps were produced from a set of whole-head MRI of 40 human volunteers. Each MRI was manually delineated to identify a set of 56 structures in the brain, most of which are within the cortex. These delineations were then transformed into a common atlas space to produce a set of co-registered anatomical labels. The original MRI data were also transformed into the atlas space.
  • CCB Noisy Data Dataset
    Noisy test data (3D brain, floating point intensities). Please read the ASCII *.lhd files for data info. There are 3 different variances for the noise. The TestData.img is the original.
  • CCB SIG-SEG Test Data
    Test data including skull stripped manually segmented raw MRI volumes. These data are extended version of the IBSR ( provided by the Center for Morphometric Analysis at Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • CCB Test Data Archive
    This Archive is composed of three main groups: children, adults, and elderly subjects, which are further subdivided into Normal Control and Diseased populations
  • CCB Surface Objects
    This test data archive contains the Left and Right hemispheres of 20 subjects in two different MNC OBJ file formats – binary and ASCII. These surface models are represented in ICBM space and may be useful in developing, testing and validating algorithms for surface extraction, object detection, surface format conversion, 2-manifold modeling and visualization.
  • CCB Single Subject Prior Anatomical Models
    This archive contains one brain completely delineated manually into about 100 regions of interest. These tessellations can be used as priors for feature extraction algorithms.
  • CCB Test Data for the CCB SIG-Stat Group
    Includes an atlas volume, sample data, and probabilistic models for the caudate, cerebellum, frontal and hippo. All data are in ANALYZE format but contain the raw image data and ASCII headers as well. Important problems are: How to represent these regions, how to model them, do analysis and visualize the results of the automated extraction of these regions from the data volume. An open viewer is also included in this archive.
  • CCB Shape Data
    This CCB test data archive consists of the skull-stripped MRI volumes of 6 subjects (IMG + MNC), along with their ASCII and binary cortical surface models (OBJ) and each subject’s 6 sulcal curves models (UCF). This data may be used for developing surface segmentation, registration, mapping and analysis techniques.
    The ICBM sub-volume probabilistic atlas (SVPA) of cortical and sub-cortical gray matter can be used for constraining various feature extraction, segmentation and other automated techniques. More accurate regional estimates of the distributions, locations and shapes of different regions in the brain will then be possible using these anatomical priors.
  • LONI Imaging Data Archive (IDA)
    The Imaging Data Archive (IDA) is a user-friendly environment for archiving, searching, sharing, managing and disseminating neuroimaging and related clinical data. The IDA is utilized for dozens of neuroimaging research projects across North America and Europe, includes thousands of subjects, and accommodates MRI, PET, MRA, DTI and other imaging modalities.