CCB Test Data Archive


This archive is composed of three main groups: children, adults, and elderly subjects. These are further subdivided into normal controls and diseased populations. The disease varies per group: the children suffer from ADHD, the adults suffer from Alzheimer’s, and the elderly suffer from dementia. Each directory is comprised of males and females and contains at least 3 subjects in total. In order to account for variations commonly found in data sets and the effects which these may have on existing programs, work was done in both Native (scanner) space and, after alignment, in ICBM space (12 parameters). We started with the raw volumes of 36 subjects and ended with close to 1,400 volumes of processed data. Internal CCB users may request access to the CCB Test Data Archive by contacting Ivo Dinov

Future efforts will include the delineation of additional sub-cortical structures, tissue classification using visual verification, and manually retouching each slice in order to ensure that the tissue is being classified correctly.