The CCB Training Program is designed to provide broad training in the theory, tools, and techniques researchers need to address computational biology problems. The Program takes advantage of existing graduate programs at UCLA as well as newly created CCB programs to train a new generation of computational biology researchers.

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Graduate Programs

The CCB is organizing a Computational Biology Track within existing degree granting programs in the UCLA schools of Physical Sciences (Applied Mathematics), Engineering and Applied Sciences (Biomedical Engineering), and the Life and Health Sciences (Biology, Neuroscience, and Biomedical Physics). Students focus on mastering theoretical skills within their chosen graduate field of study, and then gain training through the Comp Bio Track to understand how to apply that knowledge to solve problems involving computational biology. More

Workshops & Symposia

The CCB has various programs for encouraging scientific brainstorming and productivity. These include workshops, retreats, tutorials, and the Visiting Scholars Program, which invites expert scientists from outside UCLA to visit for various periods of time to give seminars and to establish research collaborations. More


The CCB is developing interdisciplinary training programs at UCLA, as well as a variety of courses and seminars on topics related to our proposed program. Current courses provide training in Medical and Life Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Physical Sciences. These include Neuroimaging, Neuro-Engineering, Biomedical Physics, Biomathematics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Mathematical Sciences. More

Seminar Series

The CCB runs a seminar series to help communicate its activities, cross-fertilize the multi-disciplinary relationships, and bring in invited speakers. These one-hour seminars are open to the public and help us disseminate information to colleagues at UCLA or visiting colleagues from outside the university. More

CCB Presents

The CCB Presents talk series provides an interactive forum for discussion of problems and modern techniques for solving challenges derived from the areas of computational neuroscience, bioinformatics and image analysis. More

Training Events

There are a number of CCB Training events organized throughout the year.

CCB Fellowships

TheĀ  CCB offers Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowships. More