CCB Courses

The CCB is developing interdisciplinary training programs at UCLA as well as a variety of courses and seminars on topics related to our proposed program. Current courses provide training in the Medical and Life Sciences, Engineering and Applied Sciences, and the Physical Sciences. These include, Neuroimaging, Neuro-Engineering, Biomedical Physics, Biomathematics, Cellular and Molecular Biology, and Mathematical Sciences.

Computational Brain Mapping and Neuroimaging – Neuroscience 172, 272 & Psychology 213
This course will introduce students to modern methods of brain mapping and neuroimaging research. The course instructors have a wide range of expertise and will cover the basics of the state-of-the-art techniques for image acquisition, data pre-processing, analysis, and visualization. A variety of applications in brain research and computational neuroscience will be discussed. More

Neuroscience Training Course
This course is designed for the basic science collaborators part of the CCB. These include faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students in mathematics, computer science, statistics, biology and computational sciences. All speakers will lead discussions on the challenging problems in contemporary neuroimaging, rather then lecture on various topics. Interactive demonstrations, questions, and ideas from the participants will be welcome. A set of handouts will be distributed that will serve as a reference manual containing definitions, terms, URL links, and libraries of tools that are commonly used in the field of neuroimaging and brain mapping. More

Bioinformatics IDP Courses
The UCLA’s Bioinformatics Core Curriculum defines the hard core of what students must know to invent new kinds of bioinformatics. It teaches the shared concepts, language and skills which bioinformaticists must have to operate in a collaborative, inter-disciplinary mode. The goal is to train students who can speak the language of statistical inference, computational complexity, network analysis and data mining. More