Graduate Student Paper

Please submit your project in class on the due date. See the Project Submission Rules.

You will need to contact one of the course instructors, or find a neuroimaging faculty mentor for this project. This is an open-ended creative project that you have to complete. You must gather, analyze and present neuroimaging data from your mentor’s lab. It is completely up to you and your mentor to come up with an interesting project to be complete by the deadline. Here are the basic requirements your project must satisfy:

  • Please submit your project nicely typeset, including text/tables/graphs, in the form outlined in the Project policies. No hand-written reports will be accepted.
  • Format: Include the regular project cover page. Start with a one paragraph abstract, followed by an intro/background of the problem, methods, results, discussion/conclusion and acknowledgments/references, in that order. Clearly state the problem you have chosen to investigate. List the resources you used to come up with the project and reference all sources you used to complete the project.
  • You need to interpret your findings in the framework we’ve discussed throughout the quarter.
  • Check frequently with your mentor and make sure you’re on the right track.