Workshops & Symposia

The CCB Program is focused on coordinating workshops seminars and other venues of the CCB with pre-existing training programs. The goal here is to create an environment that facilitates cross fertilization of training. Participants in the CCB are already directing or involved in numerous other training programs relevant to this Center. We also are creating workshops and retreats for concentrated venues and for training investigators at different levels.

Announcement: IPAM/CCB Summer School

IPAM & CCB will be holding a two-week intensive workshop July 14 – 25, 2008. This workshop will focus on mathematical techniques applied to brain images to measure, map, and model brain structure and function. More

Local Workshops

All CCB trainees are required to participate in special workshops on the conduct of research. These workshops, offered by the UCLA-MSTP and Neuroscience Programs, are educational workshops on research integrity and misconduct for faculty and students throughout the medical school. Each of these meets once a year and includes members of core faculty in the CCB training program. More

National & International Workshops

The National and International Workshops provide a forum in which all the laboratories can engage in organized, informed discussion of ethical issues in research, methods of communication within laboratories and departments, and techniques for preventing problems and resolving them constructively as they arise. The workshops are held annually. More


Each year the CCB organizes and sponsors a number of focused symposia and research retreats. These events provide a comprehensive arsenal of materials to train investigators both on the theory and philosophy of computational biology as well as the specific applications of software developed as part of our program. More